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About me
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Tome Naskov


I am a professional coach and the founder of InPoint – Effective Coaching. My passion and mission is to offer adequate professional help for individuals and organizations with aim to enhance their life satisfaction, develop their potential and increase their success.

My approach is practical and focused on helping my clients find out and implement appropriate solutions for given issue. I strongly believe that the coaching is one of the most effective ways for helping people achieve desired results, and in that way enhancing their life satisfaction and fulfillment. This is the main reason why I like and I am deeply dedicated to my work.

My passion is to gain up to date knowledge and make it useful and applicable for people facing their everyday challenges. I have earned a MA Degree in Pastoral Studies (emphasis on leadership and cancelling) from University of Wales, Lampeter, and also I have gained a professional coaching certification from Erickson Coaching International, Canada.

The biggest pleasure for me is seeing people grow in recognition of their individual unexploited potential for facing difficult issues and taking actions that lead towards greater achievements. My definition of the work I do is: ‘helping people be fascinated by themselves’.

To have a chance to work with you I consider as a privilege and an honour, and another opportunity for new success story.


About me