Group Coaching


The form of the coaching services and method of delivery vary depending on the circumstances and the needs of the client. Some basic forms include:

  • Individual one-on-one coaching in-person or via phone and VoIP providers (Skype, VebEx, Viber, Google Hangouts  …)
  • Group coaching in-person or via VoIP providers
  • Training program with follow-up coaching process in-person or via VoIP providers
  • Workshops, seminars and training programs delivered in-person or via VoIP providers

All services are client-centered, solution-focused, systematic and result-oriented.

Client-centered – Implementation of the core principle of coaching that the client has the inner resources and skills necessary to find and act on the desired solutions. By respecting the client’s own agenda, unique personality and desired outcomes, the approach and the services are also customized to meet the client’s specific needs.

Solution-oriented – Instead of concentrating on discussing problems, difficulties and causes, the focus is on finding and implementing appropriate solutions. The main focus is to move the client towards their desired future.

Systematic –This means that there is understanding and consideration of the holistic nature of the individual as intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual being. Furthermore, it means that there is consideration of how the desired solutions fit into individual’s broader living context as well as the organizational context.

Result-oriented – The goal is to help the client make specific actions that will lead to desired results. All efforts are concentrated to bringing fundamental shifts in attitude and behavior, as well as developing skills and habits that will lead towards sustainable change.

InPoint Executive Coaching honors and retains confidentiality and privacy. The coaching services abide the highest standards of ethical conduct as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF).