Why CEO’s Fail

Why CEO’s Fail

The authors of the book Why CEO’s Fail: The 11 Behaviors That Can Derail Your Climb to the Top and How to Manage Them have worked with many of the world’s top executives and organizations for years and based on their rich experience they share valuable insides why do CEOs and other leaders fail. They present eleven behaviours that they believe can be the reasons that cause some leaders to fail. Their perspectives can be beneficial to any leader to develop greater awareness of some sabotaging behaviours that have potential to hinder their effectiveness and success. I believe that it can be useful to be familiar with them and use them for self-evaluation processes and as guidance in detecting specific areas that need improvement.

• Arrogance: You’re Right and Everybody Else Is Wrong
• Melodrama: You Always Grab the Centre of Attention
• Volatility: Your Mood Shifts Are Sudden and Unpredictable
• Excessive Caution: The Next Decision You Make May Be Your First
• Habitual Distrust: You Focus on the Negatives
• Aloofness: You Disengage and Disconnect
• Mischievousness: You Know That Rules Are Only Suggestions
• Eccentricity: It’s Fun to Be Different Just for the Sake of It
• Passive Resistance: Your Silence Is Misinterpreted as Agreement
• Perfectionism: You Get the Little Things Right While the Big Things Go Wrong
• Eagerness to Please: You Want to Win Any Popularity Contest

Hope you will find them useful and you will use them in your own journey of development and success.

Tome Naskov